A Must Have Tactic for Content Marketing Success: Link Building

You may have the greatest content in the world; however, this means nothing if no one knows about it. Put another way, promotion is a KEY part of a great content marketing strategy. One facet of promotion link building.

As described by Kayla Tarantino of Vertical Measures, 

Link building, put simply, is the process of acquiring links from external websites to your site. Links are votes of popularity from one site to another; they’re indicators to search engines that someone has found something of value on your site.

According to Tarantino, three top reasons to acquire links to your content include:

  1. Links can increase organic traffic and referral conversions.
  2. Manual outreach can help to gain insight and feedback.
  3. Links can boost your content’s rankings.

Of course, even the best link building tactics still require that you create high quality content; including content that is “in-depth, useful and not self-serving” as highlighted by Tarantino. In fact, Curata’s own content marketing activity demonstrates the power of in-depth content: Long form content generates 9x more leads than short-form content.

Read through Tarantino’s full post below to develop your link building tactics, and check out this 70+ page guide for how to create a content marketing strategy.

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