A 2016 Content Marketing Game Plan

With the current year quickly coming to an end, it is important that marketers begin to plan their next move for the upcoming year. 2015 proved to be the year of content marketing innovations and many marketers are looking to join the movement. Although it can be a bit difficult to convince management of the great benefits that come with content marketing, once that part is over, it is crucial to focus on building a powerful strategy. In this piece, Volker Jaeckel shares three easy steps to create your very own 2016 content marketing strategy. First step? Understand your audience.

Before you begin creating your content, you must understand for whom you are writing. Ask yourself and our team involved in your Marketing efforts:

  • Who would find my content useful?
  • Who is my current customer?
  • Who is my potential customer?

Don’t drop the ball! Follow this three-step guide to make sure you are ready for the upcoming year. If you are looking to develop and execute the ultimate content marketing strategy, download our eBook, The Content Marketing Pyramid

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