9 Content Marketing Tools to Take You to the Next Level

content-marketing-tools-CurataContent marketing is crucial for companies wanting to break through the barriers so many consumers have built to screen out traditional advertisements. Rather than relying on traditional tactics, effective marketers today are storytellers, using narrative content to increase brand awareness, boost lead generation, and grow customer loyalty. Creating and distributing innovative and engaging content isn’t easy, so content marketing tools make a big difference.

Seventy-five percent of marketers are increasing their investment in content marketing, making it more important than ever to find the right software to execute your strategy. Content marketing software streamlines the processes of content curation, editorial planning, content development, and distribution. Benefits of content marketing tools include: mobilizing marketing teams around a set strategy, centralizing content, increasing communication between contributors and editors, and facilitating the creation of interactive and captivating content, amongst others.

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  • Abigail

    I’d also count email or marketing automation as a part of a content marketing strategy. I’m using GetResponse.