8 Blogging Best Practices (Revamped)

We often read about different blogging best practices, but most cannot be applied to all companies. Salma Jafri breaks down the eight most common blogging best practices and revamps each so that they become more obtainable. One area of focus she tackles is the idea that you must always write 100% original content:

No one creates 100 percent original content all the time anyways. People are always getting inspired by others and riffing off of others.

New Rule: Curate, re-purpose, mash-up other people’s content and give your unique take on it. Give attribution and credit to your sources and references always.”

In addition to this new rule, Jafri updates seven more, addressing claims about posting frequency, visuals, blog formats, length, and more. Next time you are creating or revamping a blog, check back on these eight best practices and see whether or not they are truly applicable to your business. 

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