7 Tips to Stay Afloat With Content Marketing

A recent study showed that 80% of marketers use blogging as part of their content marketing strategy. However, these marketers also deal with a lack of time and resources when it comes to creating content. The demand of content marketing can sometimes be overwhelming and create work overload. Having said that, it is crucial for writers to stop and catch their breath from time to time and remember that one high quality piece is worth much more than multiple mediocre pieces. This article, by Ali Luke, suggests seven tips to avoid drowning in the content sea. One way to stay afloat? Focus on the quality of the result, not the quantity of the writing. 

In the blogosphere, you can get caught up in numbers easily. Perhaps you find yourself focusing on how many posts you’ve written, or how many words you’ve written … and that could be taking your attention away from what matters.”

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