6 Tips to Tackle Your Content Marketing Budget

Content marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways to engage an audience in today’s digital consumer market. Having said that, many companies stray away from this method because of the presumed cost. However, there are several ways of implementing a powerful content marketing strategy with a minimal budget. This article, by James Parsons, walks through six tactics to successfully running a campaign without hurting the company’s wallet. One tip involves creating and scheduling content

When you have an idea, a topic, a word count, it’s simple to go to a freelancer hub like Upwork, Textbroker, Writer Access, Outnoise, or another portal of your choosing. You can find talented writers knowledgeable about your industry and perfectly willing to write for you. Prices vary, of course, depending on the site and the writer.”

If you are looking for ways to save money but still reach your audience, check out this article. For more content marketing tips and tactics, consider our eBook, 2015 Content Marketing Tactics & Technology Planner.

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