6 Tactics for Improving Email on Mobile

According to the Radicati Group over 2.4 million emails are sent every second.  Litmus states 54% of emails on average are opened on mobile. With these two statistics top of mind, there’s no doubt it’s important for marketers to ensure their audience is having a positive mobile experience with emails as well as their website

According to Corey Trajanowski,  Digital Marketing Manager at Delivra and contributor to Marketing Insider Group blog, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to grab consumer’s attention.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to grab their consumers’ attention in their chronically overflowing inboxes.

And with shorter attention spans for mobile users, brands really need to consider if their mobile email marketing strategy is where it needs to be.

I’m talking attention spans shorter than that of a goldfish.

Here are some tactics you can take to improve your email marketing strategy.

  • Even shorter subject lines: Try to keep it under 30 characters!
  • Use pre-header text: Make sure you get your point across in under 70 characters
  • Responsive design: Consider the width of emails on mobile when coding your emails and placing content.
  • Font size: 13 pixels or bigger is typically easiest to read on mobile
  • Include ALT text for all images to prevent going into the SPAM folder.
  • Include CTAs and make sure your website is optimized for mobile as well to create a seamless transition

Read Corey’s complete article on the Marketing Insider Group blog at the link below. 

Read the source article at Marketing Insider Group