6 Companies with Killer Content Marketing

content marketing killers

Marketing has gone through many evolutions, with each phase focusing on different ways to get to the end consumer. Content marketing is the latest evolution, focusing on educating and engaging the end consumer before and after the goal is accomplished. Its success has meant 75% of companies are looking to increase their content marketing investments in the next 12 months.

Many companies have become more creative with how they present content to end users, but is it sometimes at the expense of making a connection with them? Carla Johnson has rounded up six examples of companies making killer content-driven experiences that connect in a recent blog post. They include:

  • Marriott’s use of short films encouraging travelers to share stories
  • Nike’s downloadable app to inspire athletes
  • Kraft Heinz offering recipes for dishes anyone can make

These companies didn’t make the list because they’re big brand names; they made it because their content was made with the end user in mind. Carla asks, what do content-driven experiences look like, and who’s getting them right?

Clearly, those who understand that delivering relevant experiences means offering value first to connect with more people, more often and in new ways. They put building audiences and creating differentiating experiences at the forefront of everything they do.

We always have to find ways to stand out and be creative, but connecting with your audience is just as important. If you find yourself struggling with content strategy, check out Curata’s Content Pyramid ebook, and find other examples of killer content-driven experiences via the link below.

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