5 Ways Content Curation Can Improve Your Bottom Line

The Internet has revolutionized how the world interacts and conducts business. From the introduction of Social Networking sites to web-conferencing, the Internet has changed the face of the business world as we know it. Enter Content Curation – the premise of content curation is simple: discover and share content from various sources on a specific topic or subject, and present it for others to enjoy.

Here are a few ways to ensure that your time spent curating is time well spent.


Highly Effective and Inexpensive Form of Publicity

Prior to the invention of the Internet, one of the most powerful methods of increasing sales and luring in customers was by word of mouth. While advertisements get your name in the public eye, word of mouth affects your company’s reputation. Provide your customers with great service and a quality product, and you will reap the benefits of word of mouth promotion. The same theory can be applied to Social Networking and content curation, often with much greater success.

In the old business world, if a customer was happy with a product or service, they would likely tell their friends and family about their experience. With content curation, if a customer had a great experience with a particular brand or product, they can write a post saying so online and share with their entire friend list. Then the people on the consumer’s friend list find the post interesting, they can share it with their friend list, and so on. The far extending reach of content curation can vastly improve your bottom dollar by spreading positive news about your brand to other consumers.


Improved Website Traffic and Page Views

Another benefit of content curation that often yields big results is increased website traffic and page views from potential customers. When content curation is done well, visitors find content they like or need, share it with their friends, and send even more potential customers your way. Whether the consumer realizes it or not, they are helping promote your company and the services you offer by clicking the share button online.


Potential to Reach a Broader Audience

The one great benefit of content curation is it allows you to reach a broader audience of potential customers and clients. With every page view comes the opportunity to increase your bottom dollar and make a sale. In this aspect, you are maximizing your reach to possible buyers and increasing your forecasted sales potential at the same time. Include an ad promoting your organization wthin the content your curate or write a blog post yourself and include a link back to your product.


Improved Search Engine Ranking

Web-savvy business owners know that a high ranking in an Internet search engine often means more visitors and more profits. Content curation makes your website more visible to consumers, and the more web hits you get, the better your ranking will be. Then in the future, when customers browse for services that your company offers in an online search engine, your company could be one of the first options, instead of your competitor. Improved search engine ranking often improves sales figures, and content curation is a vital part of the process.


Brand Exposure

 Another important way that content curation can improve your bottom line is with brand exposure. This is especially important for undiscovered or newly formed companies who are trying to get their brand into the public eye. Content curation tactics can gain your company and your products attention and exposure, causing an increase in customers, queries, and as a result, cash flow as well. This is especially effective for businesses that focus on a niche, but can work well for larger corporations as well. Creating a curated site full of content that is relevant to your brand and your audience can allow you to become THE main resource for your industry.