5 Types of Content Your Audience Wants to Share

Nowadays, many marketers will argue that the toughest part of content marketing is figuring out how to get content in front of as many potential customers as possible. The truth is, getting people to click on a link is just half the battle. What’s truly important is getting them to respond to the content. Creating engaging content is the key to having your audience share your content and increase your reach. In this article, Peter Daisyme discusses five types of engaging content your audience would love to share. One type? Challenges or contests.

The desire to compete seems to be part of our DNA. Dream up some type of challenge or contest where people compete against each other for a prize – they will like it.

There is a big difference between good and great content. Read the rest of this piece to learn how you can create great content that your audience will love to share. Looking for more engagement tactics to improve your reach? Download our eBook, 4 Steps to Content Marketing Enlightenment.

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