5 Top Types of Curated Articles for Social Media

Generating enough relevant and engaging content for your audience can be a real issue if you don’t have the man power. If this is something your content marketing team is currently facing, you’re not alone. As it turns out, creating content is one of the top 6 challenges content marketers face. 

Content curation can help fix this problem. In her blog post “The 5 Most Sought-After Types of Content to Curate on Your Social Media Pages,” Jessica Davis explains which types of content are always good to curate. These involve curating:

  1. The Latest Content
  2. Content With Actionable Items
  3. Expert Opinions
  4. Content Resources
  5. Case Studies

Whether you are new to curating or have plenty of experience disseminating high quality third party content, Jessica’s article will help you learn (or reinforce) which content people like to digest the most.

For more on best practices for curating, check out Curata’s Ultimate Guide to Content Curation. Jessica’s full post explains in detail why the aforementioned content types resonate on social media, available via the link below.

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