5 Marketing Trends to Avoid Getting Left Behind in 2016

At the end of each year there are a landslide of marketing predictions, some better than others.  The best predictions tend to be unique, relevant, insightful and actionable.  I especially like to see a prediction where the writer has taken a chance at breaking new ground, challenging the status quo. 

Heidi Cohen, an expert in the content marketing space, has done a nice job identifying 5 key marketing trends that may transform your business in 2016. 

  1. Audience context becomes the marketing focus.
  2. Mobile first, not mobile only — you must be cross-platform.
  3. Increased difficulty breaking through and attracting customer attention.
  4. Marketing stops being once and done.
  5. Marketing ROI is a necessity (or bye, bye marketing budget).

I especially like #5 regarding the increased need for marketing ROI.  No where will this be more important than in the discipline of content marketing, especially if you agree with Gartner’s assessment of content marketing currently sitting in the trough of disillusionment.  Marketers need to be more data-driven, identifying the impact of content across their marketing and sales pipeline. (e.g., leads generated and influenced by on-site and off-site content)

Content marketers should work closely with their marketing operations teams to get at this ROI, as well as tapping into the emergence of content marketing platforms for more rapid access to this data and related insight.  (e.g., Curata CMP content marketing platform)

Read Heidi’s full blog post to best prepare yourself for the upcoming year.

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