5 Essential Digital Marketing Tools

As a marketer, there are thousands of tools out there to help optimize your digital marketing initiatives. It can sometimes be overwhelming going through countless websites trying to find the right tools to get the job done. We’ve done our best to compile The Ultimate List for Content Marketing Tools to make this search easier.

Christopher Jan Benitez takes a deep look at 5 of these essential tools in his post for a winning digital marketing campaign. Christopher explains why these tools are important to digital marketing. Here are some of the types of tools he covers:

  • marketing management platforms
  • content curation tools
  • social media management tools

These tools will enable you to track and plan your digital campaigns.

To help with your content planning, don’t forget another important tool/process which will help plan and align team members around common content – the editorial calendar. Check out these 12 must have fields for help developing or refining your calendar. 

Also be sure to read the rest of Christopher’s essential tools post which is accessible by the link below.

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