5 Actionable LinkedIn Marketing Tactics

At Social Media Marketing World 2014, Jason Miller of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions presented 5 tips to help marketers get the most out of this leading social platform. Step one was of course, establishing an optimized presence using images, content and product/service descriptions by linking to other social channels and using relevant keywords. The remainder of Jason’s tips are as follows:

2. Attract a Following: The key to growing your following on LinkedIn is to provide value to the community

3. Empower Advocates: By engaging with the right people in social, brands are able to achieve much greater reach through exposure to audiences outside their immediate circles. This kind of marketing is hard to put a price on.

4. Amplify Through Paid Promotion: For brands looking to achieve more amplification to their presence or generate leads, LinkedIn advertising is worth looking into.

5. Analyze and Refine: LinkedIn has powerful analytics capabilities built into the platform, including their recently launched Content Marketing Score and Trending Content reports, which together help to quantify the impact of your content across areas of LinkedIn (groups, influencer posts, sponsored updates, etc), rank you against competitors and show which topics are resonating with specific audiences.

These are all great tips for content marketers looking to get the most out of LinkedIn. Providing value on your LinkedIn page and measuring the impact of your LinkedIn strategy are perhaps the two most important tips. Valuable insights and opinions will give readers a reason to come back, share your content and recommend your page to their peers. Analyzing the impact of your LinkedIn page after implementing certain strategies can provide insight into what tactics work and which ones fall flat. 

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