4 Tips to Turn up Your Content Marketing Results

According to a recent study, only 21% of marketers indicate that they are successful at tracking ROI of their content marketing programs. In this industry, it is crucial to understand how your content is performing in order to allocate your time and resources to the areas with the best results. Achieving great results is ultimately every content marketer’s goal. Nonetheless, this is often the toughest goal to reach. Jonathan Long agrees and suggests four simple tips to amplify your content marketing success. One tip? Determine what content assets are currently producing results.

What posts have received the most visits? What blog posts kept your visitors on your website the longest? What content did your visitors engage with before they converted? Also take a look at the social shares and comments each post has received.”

How is your content performing? Implement these tips to make the most out of your content investment. Learn how to measure your content effectively by downloading our eBook, The Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing Analytics & Metrics.

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