4 Tips for Crowdsourcing Blog Content

With 55% of business bloggers getting 5% or more of their corporate website’s traffic from their blog, how can we ensure that this number will continue to rise? Angela Vuona suggests the idea of crowdsourcing: a tactic which solicits individuals to help fulfill the ideation and creation needs of a content marketing strategy. So how do you implement such a strategy? Vuona offers up several tips, one being to work with industry influencers. 

Try to solicit the opinions and ideas of analysts and thought leaders via publications, LinkedIn, or through business relationships. When compiling tips or advice for a blog post, wouldn’t it be great to create a multi-contributor post with new perspectives for readers?”

With content marketing on the rise, it is important to recognize this trend in crowdsourcing and to begin implementing such ideas with your blog content. For more information on blogging best practices, check out our eBook, Business Blogging Secrets Revealed

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