4 Infographic Design Styles for Inspiration

The brain processes visuals 600,000 times faster than text. Not enough to convince you that infographics are an important part of a content marketing strategy? Here’s another key statistic – infographics are the #2 content type that business buyers share with their colleagues. Do you need some inspiration for your next (or first) infographic?

Heather Ferguson of Main Path Marketing did a nice job in a recent post identifying 4 infographic design styles to help you with your next project:

  1. Illustrated
  2. Minimalist
  3. Flat
  4. Realistic

One of Curata’s most popular infographics used a combination of illustrated and minimalist styles to communicate the anatomy of a content marketer

Although there are many ways to categorize infographics, Heather provides a unique view of different styles to help get the creative juices flowing for planning your next (or first) infographic. (refer to the link below) Also, check out this blog post to see how infographics fit in the context of a comprehensive content marketing strategy.

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