3 Ways to Build Trust With Content

Building trust is challengingespecially with the broad audiences content marketers address. This post outlines three simple ways to build trust with your audience.

1) Be Reliable

It’s important to keep a regular publishing schedule: 91 percent of the best business bloggers publish at least once a week. You want your audience to be excited when they see freshly promoted content. Better yet, you want them to anticipate when you promote new content. With consistency comes credibility.

2) Create Ungated Content

The goal of a B2B marketer is to drive leads and revenue, but one comes before the other. Gated content may be a pillar in lead generation, but Alex Sobal of the Weidert Group touts the value of providing form-free content:

When you give your content away for absolutely nothing, you take away the feeling that you’re trying to take advantage of your prospects. Because of this, prospects will be happy to seek out content specifically from your brand when looking for related information in the future.

If your content marketing efforts are hitting these first two points, users are more likely to want your content delivered to them. So add a subscribe form to all your gated content.

3) Curate

Original content should have a prominent role in every content strategy, so long as it’s not in an egocentric voice. Incorporating relevant third-party content into your strategy presents value for your audience from additional perspectives, boosting your credibility as an objective observer and positioning you as a one-stop-shop for all things related to your topic area.

For further information on building trust and boosting executive buy-in, see Alex’s original post below.

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