3 Reasons To Use Both Curated Content and Original Content

If you own a website, you probably know all the benefits of updating the site regularly with original content. And we’re sure you’ve heard of using 3rd party content (or curated content) to supplement the original content creation. Here are three reasons why you SHOULD explore content curation.

1. You Can’t Be an Expert on Everything
One of the main points of keeping your site updated is to truly interest and educate your audience on some targeted topics. You may know a lot about your industry, enough to write regular blogs with plenty of insight. However, there is bound to be a topic you do not fully understand, yet it would be helpful for your audience to know about it. Rather than struggle with a subject you may not be the expert on, or have time to become an expert, you can take your time seeking out the best advice possible from true experts on the topic. Your readers will appreciate your efforts at content curation just as much as they enjoy your original content.

2. You Can Build Credibility
Even if you are confident in your knowledge of your industry, your audience has no idea how much you know. You can write all the original content you want, but if you are not a well-known expert, you may not have much credibility… yet. Fortunately, though, you can build your reputation as a professional by connecting your audience with content created by reputable people in your field. When readers recognize the names of the authors of your curated content, they take notice and are more likely to look at it. This is because when you repeatedly post the work of well-respected professionals, you will gain some credibility among readers.

3. Curation Makes It Possible to Have a Mix of Content Types
Another reason to add content curation to a site that features original blogs is that you may not have the skills to create a variety of content. Just because you can write informative blogs does not mean you are also adept at making videos, infographics, or other types of creative content. Yet you cannot just ignore these options, since readers tend to appreciate them.

Most site owners already know why original content is crucial, but now it is apparent that content curation is equally beneficial. If you can create the right mixture of the two types of content, your website should have what it takes to impress your readers enough to keep them coming back.