3 Crucial Tactics to Keep Your Content Marketing Fresh

Leading marketers argue that the #1 most challenging obstacle to data-driven content marketing is the lack of data quality, as shown in a recent content marketing study. When trying to keep up with the demand for content creation, it is important to not sacrifice the quality and relevance of the information being shared. By taking a step back and analyzing your content marketing strategy, you will be able to learn what content works and what doesn’t. This article, by Leeyen Rogers, examines three effective ways to make sure you are creating fresh content that is also resonating with your audience. One key tactic Rogers suggests is to keep up with current events. 

With each trending topic or dinner table discussion subject of the day, consider if and how your company might fit into the conversation. New issues arise or come into the limelight every week, and there’s a lot of material that you can incorporate into your content.”

These three tips will help your content marketing strategy reach a whole new level of success. Interested in learning more ways to keep your content crisp? Take a look at our eBook, How to Feed the Content Beast.

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