3 Convincing Cases for Content Curation

A large part of many marketers content marketing strategy consists of curating content. In fact, according to recent research, content marketers are curating 25% of all content.  However, if there there are any marketers who still aren’t convinced on curation, these three benefits will certainly change their mind. Whether you are thinking about increasing your content curation efforts or just getting started, these three reasons to curate content from Heidi Cohen are a great refresher. One reason? Curation is a great fix when resources for content are low.

To meet the challenges of not being able to generating enough quality content, use content curation and interweave your brand into a combination of your own and other people’s content. Then share it across different social media platforms.”

Take a look at Cohen’s post for the other two reasons to curate content. For a complete, end-to-end guide to content curation, be sure to check out our latest eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation.

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