10 Tweetable Facts from the 2011 B2B Marketing Trends Survey

Our 2011 B2B Marketing Trends Survey has received a lot of buzz lately. We have seen many folks tweeting about major implications of the results namely that content marketing is here to stay.  It is important, however to recognize that in addition to the top level message, each of the individual statistics from the report are interesting in and of themselves. Luckily, we’ve made that easy to do in this list of tweetable content marketing facts. Enjoy and happy tweeting!

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80% of B2B marketers use content in their strategies [Tweet This]

78% of B2B marketers cite driving sales/leads as their most important marketing objective [Tweet This]

51% of B2B marketers cite limited budget or limited staff as their biggest challenge [Tweet This]

Half of content marketers dedicate less than 30% of their budget to it [Tweet This]

82% of B2B marketers cite engaging prospects as the main objective of their content marketing program [Tweet This]

79% of marketers share the majority of their content online [Tweet This]

56% of content marketers use content curation in their strategies – up 17% from six months ago! [Tweet This]

The 3 most popular words used to define content curation were “relevant” “sharing” and “organize.” [Tweet This]

69% of content curators cited having the time to do it as the largest barrier to entry [Tweet This]

74% of B2B marketers deem their content curation program as successful [Tweet This]