10 Secrets to Amazing Content

There are many tips and tricks for marketers on how they can get the most out of their content strategy – including an organized editorial calendar; a key factor to success. Heidi Cohen provides us with the top ten content marketing secrets to success in her latest post. Here are a few of her suggestions:

Breaking news: Give your audience the latest news, quickly. To take advantage of these topics, timing matters. If you have to wait a few days to get approvals and to work it into your editorial calendar, then skip it. You’re too late.

Research. Want to knock the ball out of the park? Then do your own data collection. It’s a great way to attract an audience and get people excited about your firm. It’s how Anne Holland built MarketingSherpa. It attracts prospects and links.

Readers want relevant, high quality content and they want it consistently. Content curation is a great way to publish on breaking news stories if you don’t have time to write an original piece. Doing your own research can provide substantial fodder for your content strategy. Not only does your own research display thought leadership, but it can be used to create a content campaign using the content marketing pyramid strategy. 

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