10 Reasons to Invest in Content Marketing

When building out your marketing strategy, the ROI of any initiative becomes a big component of whether you should move forward or scrap it. Many companies and organizations are seeing the benefits of having content marketing in their budget. In fact, 76% of marketers are increasing their investment in content marketing.

In his post 10 Examples To Prove Content Marketing ROI To Your CEO, Michael Brenner shares many reason why content marketing will net your company a positive ROI. Some of these reasons include

  • Content marketing drives positive brand perception.
  • Content marketing is a more cost-effective strategy to boost organic reach & engagement.
  • Content marketing leads to greater customer acquisition.

Having a content marketing strategy can enable your company to reach their audience in a whole different level. Check out how to develop and execute your content marketing strategy with our Content Marketing Pyramid Ebook, and see the rest of Michael’s examples through the link below.


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